In the recent surge of the digital world, there has been a huge shift in the technological advances of video games. These days anything is possible in the digital world and there is something for everyone. Skating? Zombies? Shopping? There is a modern video game for that.

This leads to the question of why we left classic video games in the past. They reflect such simpler times! This is why we think that classic video games are better than modern ones and why we should modify the new games that are on the market now.

They are classier

The ratings on video games are based on nudity and profanity and are chosen by some guys in an office somewhere. Games like Grand Theft Auto is a perfect example of how out of hand the games have gotten. The line crosses inappropriate and just goes for straight trashy.

In Grand Theft Auto you are allowed to kill people, steal their cars, go to strip clubs and even take advantage of women. The language that is used in these is nasty.

If kids of younger ages are playing these games then they are going to learn that is okay or even normal behavior to lash out like the characters in these games do.

Less Violence

There is no question or argument that the violence that we see in video games is greater than it used to be. Games like Halo have glamorized war way more than appropriate for a young group of citizens.

In this day and age there are gun fights everyday in real life. There is a divide in the United States specifically over gun violence and hate crimes in general. Now here are all of these video games making multi-billion dollars a year on hate crimes and violence in their video games.

It is normal for a seven year old to play a violent video game in which their character is shooting and killing other characters. Studies show that having kids exposed to this kind of stuff will definitely be detrimental to the mental space of them in the future.

This makes perfect sense if you think about it in terms of psychological development in young people. When people are exposed to violence at a young age they begin to think darker thoughts and may even be more prone to inflict violence on others.

They aren’t games anymore

Games like these are a lot different from the graphic design of more classic video games. Think about the designs of Pacman and Mario and Friends. Simple characters and paths to run your character along.

Today we are forced into real life video games that are made more by virtual reality people than people who want the pure art of video games.

Overall, it seems as if modern day video games are trying to be something that they are not. Why not stick to neon colors, one prize fitting all and characters who are decently clothed?

Want more reasons why retro games are better than modern? Then check out the video below!

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