Language: English Genre: Action
Year: 1998 Publisher: 1 AM Entertainment
Reviewer: Dos-Games-Online
Now here is a fun game. Bonkheads is an arcade-action platform video game that is meant for kids and adults alike. It greatly resembles the Mario Bros. games in layout and gameplay, yet it still holds its own.
Grag and Thog are trolls who are on a quest to rid Trollsville of pests. If you want to play solo, you will play as Grag.
If you want to have a friend play, too, he will take on the role of Thog. You can have your friend play with you or against you. To win the game, you have to wipe out all of the pests on each of the 144 levels.
Each level has a different layout of platforms, and varies on the number of platforms in the layout. You will confront many kinds of pests in the levels, such as: bats, bees, demons, dinosaurs, dogs, raccoons, and snakes. The pests fall from the top of the screen and land on the top platform. When they reach the end of a platform, they will fall to the platform below. If they reach the bottom of the screen, they will be sent back to the top platform. And each time that happens, they are harder to defeat. You are able to warp from left to right when you disappear off the screen.
In order to get rid of a pest, you must bonk it by being on the platform directly below the pest and jumping up to hit the platform right under the pest. This will briefly knock out the pest. You need to hurry up and get on the same platform the pest is on so you can run into the pest, therefore knocking the pest off the screen. If you don’t do this while the pest is still unconscious, then the pest will wake up and be quite aggressive. When there are no more pests on the screen to bonk, then you have completed that level. There are several giant pests throughout the game including D. Evil, Shrew-Man-Chew, and T. Wrecks. In order to defeat these rulers of the underworld, you must bonk them several times.
The pests will attack you from all directions. As you progress through the levels, the gameplay gets faster and faster, with more and more pests to get rid of. Throughout the levels you will find many power-ups to help you on your quest. Power-ups can increase your speed, slow down the pests, and give you an extra life.
There is a demo game you can watch to get the hang of the game. Huntho, Trollsville’s smartest elder, is also available to help you with some hints. And you can change a few settings including the difficulty level (select between easy, medium, and hard).
Bonkheads will provide you with a wonderful gaming experience with its nice and smooth graphics and many levels with a variety of gameplay. It’s also a nice, clean game for young kids. It will give you hours and hours of fun trying to defeat those pesky pests. If you enjoy the Mario Bros. games, then Bonkheads is a must-download.

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