Atomic Bomberman

Atomic Bomberman
Language: English Genre: Action
Year: 1997 Publisher: Interplay
Reviewer: Dos-Games-Online
Atomic bomberman is one of those games you can just pick up and play, but it takes a very long time to master. This game is a very fast paced game best played with large groups of your friends. You can play against bots as well but its obviously good to give your friends a nice run for their money ;)
What happens is that you are a little man with a space-age looking suit and a cool antenna on your head, what you have to do is place bombs and blow up the scenery.
... AND the other players! There's is a variety of different mods you can load up on the game and play with. Such as the castle mod where all the bomber men start on the outside and you have to fight your way in to get the power-ups. There are a lot of power ups in the game including extra bombs so you can put more than one down at once, "flame-ups" which makes your bombs produce larger explosions. One of the things on this game is that you're careful enough you can avoid the explosions because they explode in a cross, like "+" Be warned though, not all this power-ups are good! Some make the controls do the opposites of what they're supposed to! Other's just slow you down, and if you get the virus you will slow down and flash, but stay away from people with the virus because if they touch you they'll infect you too!!
This game is a VERY fun party game for people of all ages. I first played it years ago and I still play it now. I got it with my Windows 98 PC which I still have upstairs. In fact I still have the original disc on my computer :)
The graphics on this game were nigh revolutionary for the times when 8mb graphics cards with 3D support WAS computer gaming.
This game also has a very funny comedy to it sometimes. It says random quotes from movies and things at the end of games. And if you kill yourself there is an Arnie-style voice that says "you are a stupid mans-idiot!"
I love this game I’ve had such good times with it, me and my friends loved playing together. The network play is brilliant, you can have about 15 players for major-mind-blowing-mayhem! You can also play it on just one PC with multiple people, although I think you can only have two per keyboard if you do that. Otherwise it would get fairly crowded! There is also a feature called "golden bomberman" which when you turn this on it selects a random player and then a screen comes up with loads of power-ups spinning REALLY fast so you can't see what’s coming then you hit enter and they start to slow, and the one that lands in the centre of the screen is given to the golden bomberman!!
All-in-all I think this is one of the greatest games out there and is definitely the greatest party game!

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