The Secret Island of Dr. Quandary

The Secret Island of Dr. Quandary
Language: English Genre: Educational
Year: 1993 Publisher: MECC
Reviewer: Dos-Games-Online
I remember this game from elementary school. I believe the first introduced us to it in first grade. This was the cool game to play, and it seemed so difficult at the time. The game is set up so itís like your looking at everything (you have no body).
Everything starts with you at a carnival and this weird old guy wants you to play a shooter game.
So you have to play shoot the toggles (no choice here). Itís okay because it doesn't take long and you will recognize the little devils if you have ever place any of the super muncher or number muncher games. Anyway, after you finish the shooter game you will receive a doll (this is where you get to choose the difficulty level). Oh no!!! That's right, it was a trick and now you find yourself trapped in the dolls body. So now you are wake up on an island in a hideous troll like body and have to find your way off of the island.
When you first wake up, you'll see a bottle in the ocean that has a note in it. When you pick it up, you find a note from the old man at the carnival (Dr. Quandry) that explains that you are stuck on the island. He really likes to rub it in. Anyway, you must now set off on your own and wander around the island. The purpose is to solve puzzles and collect all of the stuff needed to cure you and get you back to where you belong. Some of the puzzles will be actual puzzles, where you have to arrange the pieces, but there are a variety of other brain teasers that you will have to overcome. You don't have to do them all, it really just depends which difficulty level you chose.
Your potion "recipe" changes with the difficulty level. But for each puzzle you solve you will get some item that will help you out. If you find everything you need and do everything you are supposed to, you will wind up back at the carnival. Yeah, I know itís not a miraculous ending or anything, but this game was from the Dinosaur Age for Computers.
Unfortunately, this game is not near as hard now that you are "older or grown up". I still enjoyed beating it since I never got to do that when I was in elementary school. I would recommend downloading this game and giving it a shot just for old timeís sake. You might even enjoy it.

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