Language: English Genre: Classic
Year: 19?? Publisher: Unknown
Reviewer: Dos-Games-Online
Before you download this game, be aware that it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the original Atari 2600/arcade versions of Pitfall. It is a very different game altogether. That said, it is a fairly decent (albeit very simple) game where you navigate your character as it falls down a virtually endless pit (hence the name 'Pitfall'). You keep going and going, trying to avoid crashing into walls and happy faces.
The further you go without dying the more points you get.

If you don't mind really dated graphics, this can be a pretty cool arcade-style game.

Reviewer: Smartypants
I grew up playing Pitfall on the old Atari 2600. The game seems to go on forever and ever without ever really ending. This is more of a point based game, where the more tar pits you jump over, the more scorpions you jump over, the more alligators you jump over, the more expanding and contracting tramlines and water holes you jump over, the more points you score. I remember playing this game for hours, resetting each time I lost a life. Little did I know as a 5 year old that when I reset the game, it just deleted my score. You could run either way on the screen, it didn't matter. I had this fantasy that once I got a high enough score, or I went across enough screens, that it would turn into super Mario brothers, because I was the only kid in the neighborhood who didn’t own a Nintendo. So pitfall it was for me.
Eventually the higher your score is, the faster everything moves, which seemed to be the default next level up challenge. Everything just keeps moving faster. At the last screen, you have to jump over an ever expanding pit of scorpions. I wasted many hours trying to beat this part of the game. Every time I would try to grab a vine, it would swing out of the way just in time. This brings me to another part - the boulder run. This is not included in the 2600 version. You are running uphill and have to jump or duck under boulders. I found this part to be very tricky, even trickier than the water level after it. The water level has you dodging all kinds of sea flora and fauna, and everything is poisonous. Your main objective is to not run out of air. After that level you save the dame and the game ends. Then on to the sequel.
Late versions of Pitfall are in the style of Crash Bandicoot. The controls feel exactly the same, you gain new moved to vanquish enemies whilst trying to save survivors from your plane wreck, all the while searching for relics, a la Tomb raider. I am only 3 percent through this game, and I predict hours and hours of game time fun. I cannot wait to get to the next level and the level after that. Once again, you save the damsels, which all seem to be pretty hot, like in Space Adventure 3d.
All in all, the Pitfall series is great fun for the whole family.

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