The Incredible Machine

The Incredible Machine
Language: English Genre: Puzzle
Year: 1992 Publisher: Sierra On-Line
Reviewer: Dos-Games-Online
The Incredible Machine, a game which is very popular by puzzle gamers. In this puzzle game you have to make machines. These machines have to transport a ball into a hole, pop a balloon and a lot of other things. It might sound very simple, but the thing is that you only get a limited source of balls, ropes and other things you need to use for your machine.

When I played this game in DOSbox, I heard that it also had nice background music. A different track each puzzle and it makes playing this game a bit nicer. If you like puzzle games and haven't tried this one yet, you should download this game and play it. Although it's the demo version with eight levels, it is still nice to test your brains.

Reviewer: Dos-Games-Online
I am doing a special article on the great game that is called by the name of the incredible machine.
This is a great game with pretty good graphics for a game of its time. This is a challenging game that forces you to think in many ways, to see things in a new way that you never saw them before. This game has helped to see things faster and has helped my brain to think faster. It has improved how fast I notice solutions to problems. This game is not only able to help useful work skills, but can also be fun.
You feel a unique feeling of success after every level. The levels start of easy and slowly progress to become harder. There are over 100 levels in the full version of this game, that are all mind challenging and fun. You can save progress in a game and return to the same level later or remember the code and type it in so you can play the level again. There are some level examples that tell you the kind of things you do, such as getting a mouse into a safe whole by scaring it by cats after breaking a fishbowl causing one cat to walk on a box with a mouse on a mouse wheel to run with a belt attached from it to a conveyor belt. Throwing the mouse by the cat scaring the mouse to the bottom ground by another cat that scares him to get scared again and run the other way into the safe whole.
All of these levels use the concepts of gravity, forces and cause and effect. The fish bowl broke and that caused the cat to become interested and go to it. A ball falls and pushes a button or teeter totter. There are many different tools used also in this game, some of them are: a base ball, a basket ball, a bowling ball, a cannon ball, a tennis ball, a rope, a belt, a conveyor belt, pulleys, a mouse in a box, a fan, a generator, a trampoline, a rocket, a flash light, a light bulb, a magnifier, bricks, dynamite, pipe, candles, guns, cannons, monkeys on bikes, gears, balloons, scissors, and many other tools.
This is by far my favorite pc game out of all the games I have played. It is a fun game that is good for the whole family. My family also really loves this game. They learn to help each other as a team to complete the many levels. Good luck downloading and playing this game.

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