Big Red Racing

Big Red Racing
Language: English Genre: Racing
Year: 1995 Publisher: Domark
Reviewer: Dos-Games-Online
The graphics are average. The sound is fine enough for a racing game. The physics are rather weird since the vehicle has a strange habit of flipping and jumping like a kangaroo. Some design flaws, but a slightly decent racing game overall if you can overlook these flaws.

If you're not much into racing, this game is not for you.
Even if you are, you may be disappointed.

Reviewer: Dos-Games-Online
Big Red Racing is an arcade racing game that was released in 1996 for MS-DOS the game was developed by Big Red Software and published by Domark. The game features sixteen different vehicles that you can choose from. The vehicles featured in the game are not just cars but a variety of boats, cars, spacecrafts, cars, helicopters and even quarry vehicles and others. After you choose a vehicle, you can customize it. You can change the color of your vehicle and even add decals. You can also change the look of the driver by changing the color of the clothes of the driver and also changing the body type.
There are twenty-for circuits in the game in seven different terrains such as dirt, etc. The tracks are also located in various countries around the world including Kenya, England, Chile, the United States, Ireland, Mexico, China, Egypt, Japan, Russia, Spain, Scotland, Hawaii, India and even the planets Mars, Venus and also the Moon and many others.
The graphics of the game is really well-made. The sceneries are colorful with a good amount of detail. The game is really very visually appealing. The sounds are also good. This game is really fantastic and definitely a great game to have. Itís one of the best arcade racing games that were released in the late nineties. The game can also support multiple players. There are also several views that you can use to play the game from the driverís seat to external views. The game controls take a little bit getting used to and finding the perfect view also takes a few minutes.
One good feature of the game is the sense of humor incorporated into the game. Some may not appreciate the brand of humor this game dispenses but everyone will agree it prevents the game from being boring. This definitely isnít one of those serious racing games that are all about the rush you get from speed. The fact that you also against a wide array of vehicles makes the game even more enjoyable. Can you even imagine racing a bulldozer or even a moon buggy in real life? I would bet it would be totally radical! Itís really great that the game allows you to experience that kind of thrill. The game is fast-paced and filled with adventure. Itís just plain fun. It is a humorous game that is very entertaining to play. Download it now and try it!

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