Animal Quest

Animal Quest
Language: English Genre: Miscellaneous
Year: 1996 Publisher: Alive Software
Reviewer: Dos-Games-Online
Animal Quest is an educational game. Young children will learn names of the animals and how they live in the nature when they're playing this game. The good gameplay and nice graphics will help them a lot. From the Alive Software homepage:

Step into the wild world of Nature as a forest, jungle or ocean animal. Discover your prey, avoid your predators, collect energy tokens and survive.

Reviewer: tha_sage86
Animal quest is hands down a game for anyone and everyone who fiddles their fingers. It has a unique but educational category considering it’s not much of a puzzle game but more of whom can I eat and who eats me.
I used to play this game in elementary school and I remember graduation was the last day I ever played 1997. I also remember coming to school early just to have the opportunity to play the game while my teacher would set up for school, it really the only time I had an opportunity to play.
the game is mainly just about picking whatever animal you favour making your way to eat stage to reach your family, while all the time avoiding your predators and catching prey for scores.
The game is considered for everyone because the difficulty ranges largely. For example: a lion will probably be the easiest animal in the jungle considering he is the king. He will be able to eat anything he comes across, whereas the monkey has to fear cheetas, jaguars, tribesman, etc. I remember almost picking the smallest and weakest animals and simply because I always got better at playing.
The animals range in various different categories too. When I used to play, there were three habitats. One was for water animals. Their was a jungle safari, and a forest as well. By opinion, my favourite was between the forest and the jungle; but I guess it takes what animals of your own favourite.
Most people have a favourite within difficulties. Within the forest easy, I had a thing for the bear, the wolf, but mostly the puma. I had a medium favourite for the snake and weasel. In addition, in the hardest category I liked the rabbit and the mouse.
Animal quest is a short game. Playing the easier mode usually only take 5 minutes to play. The harder animals can take maybe 15 minutes considering you may die a few times on trail. On the same token, dying is not the worse thing on the game because you have an infinite amount of lives; however, you will find that you'll play until you get tired.
If you ask me, Animal quest is hands down the kind of game you would play on your computer when bored and probably before resorting to solitaire. I wish they made this an iPod game or something. I’d give it a 3 out of 5.

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