Duke Nukem II

Duke Nukem II
Language: English Genre: Action
Year: 1993 Publisher: Apogee
Reviewer: Dos-Games-Online
Duke Nukem, the best selling game of Apogee, has good graphics, an excellent gameplay and good sounds. That is why lot of people were -and sometimes still are- addicted to this game. This is the second episode of the Duke Nukem serie.

In the first episode you had to fight against the evil madman Dr. Protos who wanted to take control of the earth. At the end of episode 1, Duke was kidnapped by aliens.
The aliens threw him into an alien cell. Thanks to his alien captor Duke knows that the aliens wants to drain Duke's brains of all his knowledge. Duke has the choice. He can be a zombie because his brains are drained by the EncephaloSucker, or he can try to escape from his cell. That is where the game starts. You are controlling Duke and you have to get him out of the prison.

The graphics of Duke Nukem 2 are even better than the graphics of the first episode. Same with the gameplay, it is as nice as the gameplay of Duke Nukem 1. The sounds are good too, so if you like action games and if you liked Duke Nukem 1, you should download this game.

Reviewer: Dos-Games-Online
There has been many first person shooter games out during the early 1990's and the current 2008. Game titles vary from Doom, to Halo, to Metroid and Half-Life. Beyond all the first-person shooters, the one that will forever be known as the game that taught a generation how to play would be the Duke-Nuke'em series. The game is forever in our hearts and minds for it's use of graphics, great audio sounds and amazing visuals for its time. Lest we forget the fact that is a classic shooter game that has allowed all of us to understand the pride of America and what it means to kill all the sucker aliens that try to invade our word.
I always love the quips that Duke has for whenever he is victorious and I am confident that many people have begun to enjoy a good cigar after a masterful defeat because of the outstanding character. My favorite weapon is of course the simple yet extremely efficient pistol. How can anyone hate on the gun that has been in every single video game ever since?
I must say that I truly enjoyed playing the game more and more after all the years of high-graphic, high-processing games. It was refreshing to step back into the word of simple pc games.

Download Duke Nukem II (4duke.zip)
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